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Chicago native Lynne Miller always knew she wanted to be a writer. She worked as a staff writer for several small daily newspapers in the Midwest before venturing into business journalism. She landed a job writing about small businesses for a start-up business journal in southeastern Virginia. After a few years, the itch to live in a bigger city struck so Lynne and her family moved to New York. Lynne worked as an associate editor and was later promoted to section editor at a national weekly trade journal based in Manhattan. Now a freelance writer and editor, Lynne lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son and two beagle-dachshunds.

Though she’s done a lot of business writing, Lynne is also fascinated with topics that have nothing to do with business. She created this blog, Revelations, so she could write about adoption issues and cooking, with occasional home organizing and design tips for her readers.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Lynne! Your site looks beautiful. Congratulations for getting it up on the web! And, I must ask you where in Brooklyn you live. In any case, kudos!


    1. Thanks for reading, Wendy. This blog is a real joy! Do you know any adoptees or adopters? If you ever have suggestions for topics for my blog, please drop me a line.

  2. Hi Lynne,

    Your blog has been an interesting read — especially since I also was adopted. I’ve been in reunion with my BMom for 13 years now, happily. Thanks for sharing your stories. I look forward to new ones!


    1. I’m so glad you had a happy reunion with your birth mother, Susan. When I created this blog, I really wanted it to be useful and interesting to other adopted adults. Thanks for reading and posting a comment!

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